yesyesnowThe mission of the YesYesNow Conspiracy is to investigate, promote and ignite immediate creative process for every reader by creating a national network of wild makers.

Why? Ultimately, this is a conspiracy to encourage people to turn toward one another, in real time and space, rather turning away to face their technology, distractions, prescriptions or despair. Through conversation, collaboration and the wild, inexplicable making of stuff, we can be recalled to compassion and joy. Given enough time, space, and permission, we can enjoy our own curiosity once again and again every day.

Conspirators have included: Alycia Delmore, Daryle Conners, Jeppa K Hall, Jonathan Martin, Julie Fitzpatrick, LB Morse, Lathrop Walker, Libby Matthews, Manlio LoConte, Michael Place, Saskia Delores, Sheila Daniels, and Wes Hurley.